What is MyID?

WVU MyID is a single set of login credentials that can be used with numerous WVU Systems including eCampus, Libraries, MIX, MyAccess, and encrypted wireless.

All users new to the WVU MyID system should go through the Account Activation process. This synchronizes account passwords, and will not impact content of WVU accounts that may already be in use.

Office 365 Mobility users should power off their connected mobile devices prior to account activation or password changes. Information on the Mobility service can be found on the Office 365 Mobility Page.

The Identity Management Project

User Guide

  Activate Account
New users of this system go through this process to synchronize their account passwords. Learn More

  Reset Account
If you have been locked out of your account, this option will help you reset it without having to call the help desk. Learn More

  Change Password
MyID passwords need to be changed at least once every 180 days or in the case of individuals covered under Health Science compliance requirements, every 90 days. Use this option to do so. Learn More

  Forgot Your Password
If you cannot recall your MyID password, this option will help you reset it. Learn More

  Check Account Status
If you'd like to simply view the status of your account, you may do so now without calling the ITS Service Desk. Learn More

Special Account Request

MyID Special Account Requests are for temporary access for users who do not meet the criteria for entry into the WVU Payroll or Student systems yet require access to restricted WVU resources that require authentication to systems integrated with MyID or require access to resources classified as confidential or limited access.

Submit a Special Account Request    Submit a Student Email Request


  What is my MyID username?
If you are WVU Faculty, staff or a student, you have a MyID account already. If your account is already active, you may submit your username anyway if you wish to confirm that your account is active.
Faculty and staff: usually 2 initials plus surname. (e.g., Jane Renee Doe = jrdoe)
Students: same as your MIX account

  Where Can I Use MyID?
MyID is used to authenticate to most services and systems. View supported apps

  Do NOT Reuse your WVU Credentials
Do not use your WVU username/password combination on your private on-line accounts. Many web-based systems have weak security, and are often the target of hackers seeking personal information. Social networking sites are particularly easy targets for these attacks. Reusing your WVU credentials on private accounts, such as Facebook, creates a real risk of exposing your business login information to hackers, and thus exposing WVU data to unauthorized access.
Create and use different usernames and passwords on your personal on-line accounts.

  Choosing a Good Password
It is important to choose a good password to prevent others from gaining access to your account, where your personal information may be accessible or acts could be committed for which you might be held accountable. Learn How to Create A Good Password

Where can I use MyID?

WVU services and systems that use MyID include, but are not limited to the following:

Systems NOT Included in IAM and MyID: STAR INB* & Departmental applications that do not authenticate to MyID or MIX.
*The STAR INB password will not be synchronized until a later date. The ITS Service Desk can assist with resetting a STAR INB account.


Contact ITS Service Desk
Phone: 304-293-4444
Toll Free: 1-877-327-9260
Email: itshelp@mail.wvu.edu
Health Sciences Staff
Contact ITS Help Desk

Phone: 304-293-3631
Email: hsc_helpdesk@hsc.wvu.edu